London Borough of Lambeth

Raj Mistry - Director of Environment

We were impressed most of all by the product range that FGL had to offer under the Liberator banner. It seemed to be in exact accord with where we were in terms of thinking about customer engagement and channel shift. We really liked their infographics package and their mapping packages, as well as their enhanced loan worker applications.

While working with my team they have shown a clear desire to allow their product set to evolve and to adapt to our changing needs. Whilst other systems are often rigid and simply carry out functions for a single service, Liberator does what we want it to across several services. The team is great to work with and offer a lot of insight and sector knowledge as well as bringing with them a broad range of complementary knowledge that always helps to inform strategic decision making.

One of the great things about FGL is that they have small company sensibilities but a breadth of experience from many years of working for, and with, large organisations. They are a true partner.They clearly value customer service and are always on hand to help us through particular pinch points. They have a very flat organisational structure meaning that they can decide very quickly about aspects of delivery, and it also means that we have continuous director level service management input.The challenges faced by the public sector are well known and, of course, it is true that there are difficult decisions to be made.

But the ICT services that FGL have provided to run along side our transformational management program shows that if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and select the right partner you can deliver huge improvements, enhance customer service and regain budgetary control of departments.

FGL have been key to several of our successes over the last few years and I would happily recommend them to other authorities.