London Borough of Hackney

Chris Peacock - Head of ICT

It was important to us to select an ICT partner whose technology could accommodate our vision of what the next generation street scene management system should deliver.

We knew EStreet (FGL transportation specific division) from the work they did with us on the Olympics and were sure that they could help us through the next phase of repositioning our services. 

It was clear from the outset that they saw similar opportunities for using applied technology in the public realm. The FGL Liberator Smart Hub delivered us the ability to help our customers make better informed choices. The same is true of our kerbside staff and that of our contractors.

We’ve  worked well with the FGL team and helped them stretch their product offering in doing so. Liberator is now a key component in the council's strategy to manage the built environment: it helps deliver transparency and helps us manage outcomes in a manner we have not been able to attain previously. The partnership that LBH has formed with FGL is a model for service delivery. 

Throughout the mobilisation FGL have been very attentive, informed, helpful and realistic about what could be achieved and what timescales were appropriate for each phase of the project. It’s been a real pleasure working with them and we look forward to seeing how the company develops over the next few years.