People Plus

Teresa Lloyd - Service Director

The improvement which FGL delivered us in terms of productivity and case throughput was remarkable. 

They took a paper-based manual process and built this into their Liberator Smart Hub workflow system, allowing us to schedule jobs from a centre management console and deploy our ILA assessment teams much more efficiently. 

Another massive feature for us was the loan worker protection alert function that FGL introduced. That certainly went down well with the field staff and made safeguarding that much easier.  

Perhaps the largest time saving for us though was the ability for the information we recorded during the assessments to be automatically dispatched to the various interested departments and third party organisations, without any need for further manual inputing, except in the most complex of cases. FGL allowed us to collate supporting digital information for each case too, including photographs, video condition surveys and voice files. 

FGL really helped us take an intensively manual process and digitise this with easy to use and reliable technology. 

We are very pleased with the work they did for us and the support they have offered.